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What it is:

Every company has different rates for service, but parts pricing is fairly standard across the nation.

This is a step by step system designed to create add on sales, reduce estimates and increase profits.

Each page has built in tools that will help technicians of all skill level deliver the value in your service.

When a customer can see and understand what they are buying most of the hurdles we face on every service call go away.

Structured pricing with pictures will help build a trust factor and reduce the amount of questions a customer has about what they are purchasing. It will also reduce the exposure for price negotiations.

Most important, price is not always the issue. When the customer understands the value in the service provided, you will create a customer for life.

We have tested the Mr. Price Book system in the field and are confident this will become the most valuable tool in your service truck.

how it works

We are a true Flat Rate System

The difference is you are in full control of what your company will charge for each service.

We have already calculated the material costs with industry standard mark-up as well as the amount of time to provide each service.

Order now, and your fully customized Mr. Price Book will be available for download in PDF format.
Save your work and your Mr. Price Book is ready to go for your favorite printer!